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Donations Received as of 1-4-2021

The JLSP Endowment has been in existence since 2002. After two years of extensive research and investigations into several endowment options, the JLSP established its endowment with the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay.

Donations to the League’s endowment can be made by paying securely via credit card online by clicking here, or via check payable to the Junior League of St. Petersburg with a notation earmarking the donation for that intention.  If you have any questions about Annual Giving or Endowment, please contact Erin Whittemore Lohmiller and Hannah Gross at fundraising@jlstpete.org or 727-895-5018. Checks can be mailed to:

Junior League of St. Petersburg
Attn: Endowment
500 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. St N, Ste 300
St. Petersburg, Florida 33705

Anniversary Circle = $1000-$2499; Sustaining Circle=$2500-$4999; Legacy Circle=$5,000 and up

90th Anniversary Circles

As we renew our League’s commitment to ensuring the
sustainability of our League and leaving a lasting legacy, we invite you to join us in contributing to our Endowment Fund and leave your Legacy on the League as part of our 90th Anniversary Circle. Make your contribution now or over time.

Founders’ Circle

Our Founders’ Day Circle recognizes those individuals who contributed to the kick-off of our 90th Anniversary Endowment Fund campaign on our League anniversary on March 4, 2020. Below is a list of our Founders’ Circle Members.

Maggie Adams
Sandra Bozeman
Hannah Dewar Gross
Lauren Krauser
Morgan Reid
Alexis Carlon
Klarika Caplano
Stephanie Guckenberger
Kristen Lefkimiotis
Megan Roach
Brittney “Paige” Baker
Judith Cunniff
Marie Hartney (In memory of aunt, Virginia Lazzara)
Erin Whittemore Lohmiller
Carol Russell (In honor of Sarah Lonquist)
Marion Ballard
Rachael Russell DeVicente
Veronica Hickey
Georgia Mattern
Abby Saba
Shirley Bassett (In memory of sister, Betty Heisler Frank)
Lauren Feaster
Carol Holland (In memory of Mailande Holland Barton)
Alicia McShea
Virginia Sexton
Murray Beairsto
Jane Ferguson (In memory of Jane Mahaffey)
Summer Jensen
Elise Minkoff
Lesa Shouse
LeeAnn Beltz-Backer (In memory of Evelyn Wilty)
Chloe Firebaugh
Lisa Johni (In honor of Carol Russell)
Samantha Nevins
Elithia Stanfield
Linda Berset
Gigi Fleming
Brynne Johnson
Hon. Tyler Payne
Jackie Vanderbleek
Mardi Bessolo
CarrieAnn Frese
Aimee Jopling
Heather Perkins
Stephanie Vranich (In honor of Heather Perkins)
Hon. Robert Blackmon
Erin Gladysz
Haviland Kebler
Rebecca Raj Swofford
Kathy Whittemore
Margaret Bowman
Gaby Gramling
Melissa Kidwell (In memory of Helen Siviter)
Mary Reed
Amee Wojciechowski


Commemorative gifts are a way to honor a friend or remember a loved one, with all proceeds benefiting The Junior League of St. Petersburg’s Endowment Fund. It is a way to let a fellow League member know that you are joining in their celebration or thinking of them in a time of sorrow. You can commemorate anything you like; here are a few ideas:

  • Celebrate a birthday, an engagement, a marriage, a birth, a promotion, a new job, etc.
  • Honor someone’s service to JLSP, going Sustainer, etc.
  • Offer condolences to a member who has lost a loved one
  • JLSP offers an unlimited option ($125) to allow members to submit recognition throughout the League year

All donations made through the Commemorative Gift Program support the Junior League of St. Petersburg’s Endowment Fund. Gifts Received by the 15th of each month will be recognized in the following months e-Blast and Quarterly CauseWay.

Visit https://CommFund.givesmart.com to commemorate someone today!